Holden Dealer Team At Bathurst, 1969-1987 Peter Hughes Print

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This is a sensational limited-edition print featuring every single Bathurst 'Great Race' Holden Dealer Team/HDT race car.

From the mighty Monaros of the 1969 race through the various Toranas of the 1970s and the Commodores of the 1980s, every car is depicted in wonderful clarity.

Leading artist Peter Hughes has captured these cars in a way only he can with superb detail and accuracy.

This print is 1 metre wide, printed offset on 250gsm Matte paper stock. Individually numbered, and limited to 300, it is sure to sell quickly.

This is the ultimate collector's print for Holden, HDT and Bathurst fans.

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Note: There are minor changes between the artwork shown and the final artwork.

Allow 21 days for delivery.