Pre-Order Status

Here at V8 Sleuth we sell a number of products on pre-order, to ensure that people get first access to our limited edition products as soon as they go on sale.

The most common question we get: When will I get the book/print?

Here's the latest updates on all our Pre-order Products:

(Last Update - 5 June 2020)

Dick Johnson Racing/DJR Team Penske 40 Years of Cars 1980-2019

28 May 2020 - Pre-orders have now been dispatched. We are very excited to see you receive your copy on social media. Thank you for your continued support of our publications.


Peter Hughes Prints:
2002 Bathurst 24 Hour Winner - G.Tander/S.Richards/Pretty/McConville, Peter Hughes Print
2003 Bathurst 24 Hour Winner - Brock/Murphy/Bright/T.Kelly, Peter Hughes Print

5 June 2020 - Around half of the pre-orders (Orders placed before May 29), have been sent out.

We have removed the pre-order status from the item in the store, but rest assured remaining pre-orders will be fulfilled first, over the next week or so.


Bathurst: Going Global – 10 Years of Australia's International Enduro 2011-2020

5 June 2020 - We have received a final print proof today from the printer. It looks very good! As a result we expect it to be approved for printing quickly next week.

The ETA to arrive back from the printer is somewhere between late August and mid-September.  We've nudged the ETA back from August to September on the product page as September is more likely than August at this point.

As the ETA firms up, we'll continue to update you here.


Racing The Lion: An Illustrated History of Holden in Australian Motorsport

5 June 2020 - Progress continues at full pace on this publication. The introductory sections have now been written for all of the chapters, with Photo selection and curation nearing completion. Captioning of photos is around 50% done, with the captions being significantly larger and more detailed than captions in our other publications.

The next stage of the book is the review/editing process, which is underway. We're starting to see layouts for the early chapters of the book. We hope to share some previews with you soon.

The short term goal is to have all the "content" of the book done in the next two weeks, but the work is not finished there, as there's a significant review and editing process before the printer gets the final layout.

At our expense, we've made a decision in light of the economic climate to support the local printing industry and have this book printed in Australia. Consequently the ETA of this book is now earlier still, with it expected to land at Sleuth HQ for distribution around mid-August.